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About LIUNA Local 5

Learn more about LIUNA Local 5 and how we protect our members' rights under the collective bargaining agreement.

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Our Commitment to Local 5 Members

At LIUNA Local 5, we are dedicated to representing and advocating for our members. We ensure that your rights under the collective bargaining agreement are enforced, providing you with a strong voice on the job. Trust us to protect your interests and fight for fair working conditions.

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Why Choose LIUNA Local 5?

When you join LIUNA Local 5, you gain access to a wide range of benefits and support. From competitive wages and healthcare coverage to training and retirement plans, we prioritize the well-being and success of our members. Join us and experience the advantages of being part of a strong and united labor union.

About LIUNA Local 5

LIUNA Local 5 is a local union that serves as the voice of our members in the construction industry. We negotiate and enforce collective bargaining agreements to secure fair wages, benefits, and working conditions for our members.

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